Austeng has been working with Adapt-A-Pole Pty. Ltd. to refine their leading-edge pole rebutting technology.  Pole rebutting replaces the in-ground portion of the timber pole with a steel and concrete stub and can be utilised for pole re-instatement, thermal up-grades, new installations and increasing conductor clearance.

Advantages of this technology include economics, increased strength and durability, flexibility and environmental benefits (see link to

Austeng was instrumental in developing the initial Adapt-A-Pole truck that comprises a truck with:

  • drill that is able to drill around the “in-ground” portion of the butt
  • ­gripper that holds and elevates the automation control system to co-ordinate process
  • ­a saw that cuts off the “rotted” part of the pole
  • ­storage for the steel sleeves or “caissons”.

Austeng recently complete a new vehicle installation for Adapt-a-Pole.  The vehicle was modified to suit the refurbished and upgraded rebutting equipment.  The rebutting vehicle now features cutting edge control and safety systems.

Austeng is continuing to assist Adapt-a-Pole with their business expansion and technology developments.

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