We were so excited to host the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio Minister for Energy & Resources at Austeng yesterday morning (29/03/23) at our hydrogen burner demonstration.

Through the Victorian Governments Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund (BRF), Austeng received $100,000.00 in early stage funding to undertake a feasibility study and develop its hydrogen burner prototype. Renewable hydrogen offers a clean energy alternative for an otherwise difficult to decarbonise process.

The project provides a concrete demonstration of how a cremation furnace can be powered by a blend of hydrogen and natural gas to facilitate a transition to using clean, renewable hydrogen.

Ross George commented, “What you see today is an important enabling technology. This demonstration shows the crematoria sector and mainstream industry more generally, that green hydrogen can be easily, safely and quickly integrated into our respective operations with no business risk. It will also facilitate the demand for green hydrogen and is pivotal in assisting with creating supply chains for this renewable fuel.”

We are very proud that we gained Energy Safe Victoria’s final acceptance for the new technology, which to the best of our knowledge is the first of its kind! Lessons from the project will be applicable to decarbonising other gas-fired industrial processes in the future.

Over 60 people were in attendance at the demonstration to see the Minister “flick the switch” on the blending station.


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ella George MP, Lyn George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ross George and Jen Conley stand in front of an Austeng Van


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Jen Conley, Lyn George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ella George MP, Ross George and Dean Matthews at the Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Minister for Energy & Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, talks at Austeng’s Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ross George, Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, Ella George MP and Christine Couzens MP at the Hydrogen Burner demonstration


Lily D'Ambrosio visits Austeng to see Hydrogen Burner

Ross George and Minister Lily D’Ambrosio stand next to Austeng’s Hydrogen Burner


Read more about this story on the Geelong Advertisers website here: https://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/business/geelong-business/geelong-company-austeng-unveils-hydrogenpowered-burner/news-story/4714223106eaab2dbd3bc90873181292

Russell Brown, Enzo Palombo and David Filipenko standing next to Viridi's processing equipment

Russell Brown, Enzo Palombo and David Filipenko standing next to Viridi’s processing equipment


Austeng is proud to have been the engineering partner with start-up company Viridi Innovations to develop a highly effective process that transforms grape seed otherwise destined for land-fill into high value nutrients in a cost effective way as part of a project facilitated by the Fight Food Waste Co-Operative Research Centre.

Hopefully this will make local Australian wine-growers more sustainable and competitive on the global stage.

Participants were also industry partner Swisse Wellness and research partner Swinburne University of Technology

Link to media release here: Viridi Media Release 3.4.23


Viridi Processing Equipment

Viridi Grape Seed Processing Equipment

Austeng has been working with Adapt-A-Pole Pty. Ltd. to refine their leading-edge pole rebutting technology.  Pole rebutting replaces the in-ground portion of the timber pole with a steel and concrete stub and can be utilised for pole re-instatement, thermal up-grades, new installations and increasing conductor clearance.

Advantages of this technology include economics, increased strength and durability, flexibility and environmental benefits (see link to www.adaptapole.com)

Austeng was instrumental in developing the initial Adapt-A-Pole truck that comprises a truck with:

  • drill that is able to drill around the “in-ground” portion of the butt
  • ­gripper that holds and elevates the automation control system to co-ordinate process
  • ­a saw that cuts off the “rotted” part of the pole
  • ­storage for the steel sleeves or “caissons”.

Austeng recently complete a new vehicle installation for Adapt-a-Pole.  The vehicle was modified to suit the refurbished and upgraded rebutting equipment.  The rebutting vehicle now features cutting edge control and safety systems.

Austeng is continuing to assist Adapt-a-Pole with their business expansion and technology developments.

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