Automotive Industry

Facility to automatically fettle Crankshafts, Camshafts and Manifolds using 6 axis robots for Ford Motor Co. Our function was to provide load stations, grippers, laser gauging, unload station and reject chutes and most importantly the global control to co-ordinate the complete system.Since then a further facility has been developed that fully automates fettling in the area of engine blocks to remove variability of results, minimise OH&S issues as well as make the process more efficient. We believe this achievement is a world first.

Automatic Charge Metal and Additive Loading Systems for the Melt Furnaces in the Ford and G.M.H Foundries. These systems are completely remotely controlled and can deliver the charge and various alloys and elements to an accuracy of 200 grams (± 6 sigma on metal analysis).

Computer controlled automatic Additives Charging System to provide a high throughput of accurately weighed materials against a series of predetermined recipes but automatically corrected for melter analysis. Used at Ford Casting Plant.This system was upgraded in 2006 and incorporated various refinements including small area scanners and a curved vibratory conveyor system which loads and unloads in different orientations.

Design and build a core paint machine for Ford involving a fully automatic production process painting machine to apply a heat conductive coating to the entry ports of a manifold sand core.

Designing and building a fully automatic Rear Chassis Transfer System having the capability to position large pressed steel components in a number of accurate positions ready for robotics spot welding.

Casting Impregnators for the Ford Motor Company, Nissan, B.T.R and Teknicast Sen B.H.D., Kuala Lumpur.

Robotics P.V.C coating and Heat Setting Line for the Ford Motor Company of Australia.

Series of assembly stations for the assembly of fuel tankers for Mitsubishi. The use of robotics automated a job that had been previously done by spot welding.

Automotive Support Industry

An oven to cure complex extruded rubber sections incorporating accurate speed control, thermal expansion and a decrease in emissions. The oven was over 42 metres long with six different zones.

High uniformity paint and laminate curing gas fired oven used in the manufacture and repair of aircraft components at Aerospace Technologies of Australia.

Manufacture of gas fired powder coating ovens and automated powder coating production lines.

Filter curing Ovens for removal of alcohol and the curing of phenolics in filter paper.

Automated multi product storage and retrievable facility for Dunlop Batteries

Automated Wash, Rinse, Drying, Spray Painting and Paint Drying Line to process 30,000 spin-on filters per shift for G.U.D Ltd.

Computer controlled automated Foam Cutting Facility for Dunlop Flexible Foams

Pumps and piping for bulk handling of high viscosity approx. 30,000 cps PVC sealer for the automotive industry.

An electric oven to cure adhesives on plastic moulded door trims.