With over 30 years experience in manufacturing ovens and associated equipment we are well placed to offer the best in technology for any application.

  • Battery Plate Drying
  • Textile Drying
  • Batch Drying or Curing
  • Automotive Filter Drying
  • Aluminium Ageing
  • Paint Drying Ovens
  • Powder Coating
  • Food Drying (Grain, Fruit, Copra etc)
  • Conveyorised Pizza Ovens
  • Rubber Extrusion Curing
  • Foam Rubber Drying
  • Plastic Mono-Filament Ovens
  • After Burners
  • Core Drying

Specific examples include:-

Ageing oven for Alcan Australia to age aluminium in 20 tonne batches. This oven is gas fired with reversing air flows and adjustable program temperature profiles. This has considerably reduced ageing times and running costs.

Manufacture of gas fired powder coating ovens and automated powder coating production lines for G.U.D Ltd.

Filter curing Ovens for removal of alcohol and the curing of phenolics in filter paper for G.U.D Ltd.

A copra dryer incorporating a new method of extracting moisture from copra using recycled heat resulting in not only greatly reduced fuel consumption but also a more stable process and improved product quality.


Austeng has manufactured a range of purpose built, site specific, heavy duty, robust conveyors used to transfer castings at various stages of the manufacturing process. Automatic load and unloading mechanisms can also be incorporated to suit your requirements.

An example is a series of baggage conveyors for Avalon Airport comprising checkout conveyors with load cells and weight readout and operating logic to sequence the system and minimise collision of baggage.

Another example is a tile stacker comprising an automatic conveyor system with the robot pushing up the tiles from the tile making machine (extruder) and loading them into stillages located on the conveyor. This minimises manual handling issues including finger prints left on tiles.

Container Tippers

We manufacture specialised container handling devices which can be fitted as its end to enable filling the container with low density goods to maximise container weight and minimise shipping costs.

Concrete Sleeper Making Equipment

Various items of concrete sleeper making equipment for Austrak Pty Ltd in relation to iron ore railway lines in W.A. and the Darwin-Alice Springs railway lines. These include saws, casting machines, transfer cars and wire trolleys.

Car Carrying Trailers

Car carrying trailers with a capacity to carry 8 vehicles up to a SUV size.

Dry Fire Module

Complies with police operating procedures dealing with regular firing of hand-guns.

Batt Packer

Automated process of packing polyester insulation batts at high speed as well as unitizing them (compressing packed bags and inserting them into sleeves for transport).

Spa Flipper

An automated system for inverting various shaped and sized spa pools during the manufacturing process. Has general application.

Train Wash

A recycled wash station for trains. Very relevant where water restrictions apply.

Car Crusher – Scrap Metal Industry

Mobile compactor chiefly used for cars, to facilitate ease of transport and processing.