Eco Whisper Wind Turbine

Over the last three years we have been working with the Renewable Energy Solutions Pty. Ltd. (RESA) team to develop, refine and manufacture their innovative, efficient and virtually silent Eco Whisper Turbine (EWT 625).  This exciting new development in green energy is designed to off-set small to large energy requirements for manufacturing and industrial sites, urban development and rural sites and in revolutionising green energy.  (See attached link to presentation by Lyn George of Austeng to Geelong Manufacturing Council or link to

Background to Process

  • Initial referral from ICN
    • Reputation as innovative, flexible and multi-skilled
  • 1st Stage
    • Part of multi-disciplinary Team “brain storming” ideas.  Experts covering:-
      • Generator development and supply
      • Engineering/design/certification
      • Power inverter and grid connection
      • Manufacture
      • Foundations and engineering
      • Installation and erection
  • 2nd Stage
    • Manufacture first production prototype
  • 3rd Stage
    • Testing and certification
  • 4th Stage
    • Production of first commercial models located at Tullamarine.

Over the last 18 months we have undertaken further work with RESA on a smaller version (EWT 325) that will suit smaller rural and domestic sites.

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