Monash impact testing

We are proud to have been involved as a key project partner in Monash University’s world leading impact testing equipment.  Austeng engineered, manufactured and installed the state of the art Impact Testing Facility in line with the University’s stringent requirements.

The research facility unveiled in December 2020 is designed to observe the behaviour of elements under severe impact loadings thereby promoting the structural safety of present and future high risk infrastructure.

Chris Powell (Monash Civil Engineering) commented;

“It has over many years become very difficult to find capable engineering manufacturers who are willing to take on concept or prototype work, Austeng have the flare, expertise and a willingness to take on these “left of centre projects” ……. to the benefit of institutions like ours and others.
Austeng are local, had the capacity and ability to undertake this project with an acceptable budget and timeframe.
A very successful outcome has been achieved with expertise within Australia which is a rare occurrence these days.”

See videos of the unit during testing

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Monash impact testing