Nano fibre production

Austeng has successfully collaborated with local based bio-technology company Cytomatrix Pty Ltd and Deakin University to manufacture a world first manufacturing plant for the production of “novel” short nanofibres, a new class of high value materials that open up a side range of new applications in bio-technology, medicine, materials science and other fields).

Austeng provided practical know how and engineering expertise to design and build a scalable machine with manufacturing capability.  In particular, it used its experience in fluid systems to provide ratio control via piston pumps (a novel but simple solution) with Cytomatrix/Deakin providing the short nanofibre know how and a rapid prototyping capabilities including 3D printed components.

An innovative State Government funding model (Skilling By The Bay grant) has enabled the realisation of this new manufacturing capability offering new employment opportunities in the region.

Key engineering innovations of this project derive from design principles of the aeronautic and auto industries applied in an entirely-new context to generate these highly-tunable nano-scale fibre materials.  The dynamic and interactive University/Industry collaboration during the design process and the joint commitment to future R&D was a further highlight of this project.

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