Screen printing drying machine

Paper Industry Projects

  • Automatic robotics paper stacking and baling equipment for A.P.M Maryvale
  • Paper reel splitter for A.P.M. Maryvale and Wesleyvale

Screen Printing Industry Projects

  • A variety of specialist Drying equipment for Intergraphic Technologies Pty. Ltd. incorporating Ultra Violet, Infra Red and forced convection. These dryers are conveyorised and designed to meet clients production needs.
  • Self contained, totally enclosed Screen Wash Facility used in the printing industry. This machine cleans ink from print screens up to 3.0 x 2.0 m and also removes the photo-image stencil. The demand for this equipment was generated by the latest O.H & S and Environmental Regulations.

Petroleum Industry Projects

  • Special purpose, self propelled, hydraulic hoist/crane unit designed to install and remove for service 77.5 tonne cooling vessels beneath the catalytic cracker for Shell Refinery in Geelong.