Austeng has helped develop RenewOak’s process of rejuvenating wine barrels that ordinarily would be discarded after four or five years. The RenewOak process uses an abrasive slurry to “sand” internal surfaces without dismantling the barrel. The chemical free process removes all barrel residues along with a fine layer of oak, leaving a clean finish ready to impart the desired properties into the wine.

Austeng has designed and built an automated, mobile unit to allow it to be taken from winery to winery. Not only does the process extend the life of barrels, it reduces the environmental impact of barrel use and provides huge economic benefits to the wine industry by making it more globally efficient.

Austeng Managing Director Ross George said that the RenewOak technology had the potential to launch around the world. Please see attached article from the Geelong Advertiser, and to learn more please check out the RenewOak Website.

RenewOak's mobile wine barrel rejuvenating unit

RenewOak’s mobile wine barrel rejuvenating unit