Aluminium Metal fabrication mass production Green Transfer Pixel


As a result of a competition run by the City of Melbourne promoting innovative new public artwork that responds to the sustainability of a building, ARUP Infomatics conceived “The Green Transfer” Project.

Their proposal for a sculptural, changeable programmable facade employs 560 pixels in the form of sections of recycled street signs.  The Green Project will use data from the building (located in Spencer St, West Melbourne) to communicate environmental stewardship and discourage unsustainable lifestyle choices.

The challenge for Austeng was to turn this concept into reality by creating a cost efficient, workable system comprising integrated controls and wiring panel whereby each “pixel” is controlled by a servo motor as well as multiple small assemblies  to turn each assembly “on” or “off”.  Installation and commissioning is expected in February 2014.

When commissioned the public will be able to access a website and webcam and switch pixels to create changing images/design on the display.  During working hours the display will be regulated to control light and shade on the west side of the building.

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