High Temperature gas diverter valve 3 way

A selection of projects including;

  • Specialised Exhaust Gas Handling
  • Pole Re-butting Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Paper Industry
  • Screen Printing Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Crematoria Industry
  • Train wash/water recycling

Specialised Exhaust Gas Handling

Engineering and manufacture of specialised exhaust gas diverter valves for use with absorption chillers for mining/industrial applications.

Pole Re-butting

Engineering, manufacture and commissioning of cutting edge in-situ power pole re-butting equipment.


Austeng have engineered and manufactured a range of custom transportation trailers, canopies and truck bodies.  Recent projects include a custom trailer  towed by an RV to carry a car, a boat and two motorbikes.  A hydraulic upper level houses the boat and  the addition of an electric wheel drive system allows the trailer to be parked without the RV attached.

Paper Industry Projects

  • Automatic robotics paper stacking and baling equipment for A.P.M Maryvale
  • Paper reel splitter for A.P.M. Maryvale and Wesleyvale
  • Oven system to cure complex extruded rubber section

Screen Printing Industry Projects

A variety of specialist Drying equipment for Intergraphic Technologies Pty. Ltd. incorporating Ultra Violet, Infra Red and Forced Convection. These dryers are conveyorised and designed to meet clients production needs.
Self contained, totally enclosed Screen Wash Facility used in the printing industry. This machine cleans ink from print screens up to 3.0 x 2.0 m and also removes the photo-image stencil. The demand for this equipment was generated by the latest O.H & S and Environmental Regulations.

Petroleum Industry Projects

Special purpose, self propelled, hydraulic hoist/crane unit designed to install and remove for service 77.5 tonne cooling vessels beneath the catalytic cracker for Shell Refinery in Geelong.

Custom designed, fan motor transportation and lifting trolley.  Our innovative design overcome floor grating point loading problems encountered with existing equipment and the hydraulic lifting system increased operational safety for maintenance personnel.


Manufacture of customised Furnace Coil Bundle Puller to comply with Australian Standards to support clients proprietary bundle puller used to extract 30 tonne bundle and being the first time this process has been used in Australia.

Crematoria Industry Projects

Manufacture and installation of Newton Cremators in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Geelong, Brisbane and New Zealand as well as ancillary equipment.
More details of our crematoria products can be found in the expanded section on Crematoria Projects.

Train Wash/Water Recycling

Manufacture and installation of specialised train washing equipment including brushing units, water sprayers, water treatment and recycling equipment.